July 4th Celebration – Raffle Prizes to Win!

Check out the AWESOME collection of raffle prizes that are available at the July 4th Celebration around Lake Minnewashta. Proceeds will benefit the LMPA

  1. Garden Package w/$50 gift card from Twin Orchards
  2. Honey basket
  3. Old Log Theatre gift card 
  4. BBQ/ Picnic Basket value $75 w/Kowalski’s gift card 
  5. Beanhaven Café Breakfast for two w/$24 Adele’s gift card 
  6. Brightwater LOLE Travel Tote 
  7. Big Island Goodie Bag & $25 gift card
  8. Lake Minnewashta Plaque
  9. 4th of July basket
  10. 3 chances to win – wine basket w/2 glasses from Kajo  
  11. Wild Jersey sz 52 (L)  
  12. 4 Twins tickets Sat. Aug. 3rd w/2 caps 
  13. Paddleboard w/ leashes
  14. Two 1-year memberships to Planet Fitness (2 locations) plus swag  
  15. Suite for the Twins w/extras 
  16. Adidas Hockey hat and T-shirt
  17. Oregon/ California wine basket   
  18. Bloody Mary Bar 
  19. Margarita Tub
  20. 3 free Pilates Plus Classes 
  21. “Take Care of Your Heart” basket 
  22. 1-month of Yoga “Unlimited” and Lavender Scented Eye Pillow 
  23. Beautycounter Basket 
  24. Hairazors Cut and Color gift card  
  25. 1-month new membership at CrossFit SISU 
  26.  “Doggy Bag” Fido’s Pantry goodies & Adogo pet hotel 2 days free daycare and 2 free overnight stay
  27. Studio 220 Family Portrait Session
  28. Inner Tube and swag bag  
  29. Authentic Cornhole
  30. Goodie Bag From Something Safari
  31. Family Fun Play Package for 4 at the Big Thrill Factory 
  32. Outdoor fun tub for teens    
  33. Outdoor fun tub for kids
  34. Boys Fun tub  
  35. Girls Fun tub
  36. Splash & Bubble tub   
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Metropolitan Council Environmental Services is Responding to a Wastewater Spill in the City of Chanhassen

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services is Responding to a Wastewater Spill in the City of Chanhassen Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES), operator of the metro-area wastewater collection and treatment system, is responding to a wastewater spill from an apparent break in one of its regional force main sanitary sewers that occurred on Thursday, June 20, in the City of Chanhassen.

The spill occurred along the south side of Highway 7 near Arbor Lane and near the north end of Lake Minnewashta. Wastewater flowed along a bike path and through a local storm sewer into a stormwater holding pond north of the lake. Wastewater may have flowed from this pond into a channel that extends north from Lake Minnewashta between approximately Dartmouth Drive and Washta Bay Court.

MCES staff are collecting water samples today (June 21) to see if the spill affected the lake and to what extent. As a precaution, MCES posted signs alerting the public to the wastewater spill and encouraging people to temporarily avoid the posted area at the channel and stormwater pond. Typically wastewater will adequately decompose in the water, and MCES does not anticipate any long-term effects from the wastewater spill.

City of Chanhassen staff alerted MCES to the wastewater spill Thursday evening. MCES transferred wastewater flow to an alternate sewer approximately 10 minutes later, which stopped the spill. MCES is working to determine the volume of the spill. MCES has an emergency contractor repairing the damaged sewer today (June 21).

For more information, please contact Tim O’Donnell, Senior Information Coordinator at MCES, at tim.odonnell@metc.state.mn.us or 651-602-1269.

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Damage to the Water Ski Course – Please Use Caution

Did you know that Lake Minnewashta is home to a number of enthusiastic water skiers? We are lucky to have our very own ski course set up in the north bay of the lake, permitted by the Sheriff and maintained by some of our residents.

Sometime between June 8th and June 11th, one of the ski course structures was notably damaged and rendered unusable until repairs are made. The cost of replacement parts is at least $150 plus a couple hours of work to pull everything out, replace the broken pieces, and reset everything.  Plus a lot of sad skiers, sitting on their docks waiting for repairs. 🙁

Are you curious as to how a ski course works? The two yellow balls are set up for a tow boat to drive between, The red/orange balls are turn buoys for a skier being towed to turn around. A series of ropes, plastic pipe and anchors hold the turn buoy a set distance away from the boat. Skiers compete by seeing who can make the most turns without missing a buoy as the ropes are shortened with each successive run.

More than likely the damage was accidental, possibly caused by a boater dragging a line or anchor rope through the course, snagging the underwater structure and snapping it.

To avoid future damage, please do not drive between the yellow and orange buoys. Better yet, if you are not skiing the course, please avoid it at all times.

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Our lake elevation readings on Lake Minnewashta have been below 945.0′ Mean Sea Level for 3 days in a row. Based on this, Renae Clark, city of Chanhassen Water Resources Coordinator, after discussion with city manager Todd Gerhardt, has confirmed the Slow No Wake restriction has been lifted.

The City’s Surface Water Quality hotline is being updated to reflect this and the signs at the Lake Minnewashta Regional Park boat launch are being removed. A resolution at the Chanhassen City Council meeting will be presented tonight to essentially codify the elevation of 945.0′ MSL as the trigger for placing and removing any future Slow No Wake declarations on Lake Minnewashta.

Thanks everyone for your help, cooperation and understanding. Thanks especially to Rick Zweig for posting the readings everyday.

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Minnesota legislators doubled what boat owners must pay to help protect state waters against invasive species

Looks like the State will be getting more money to spend on AIS efforts. They’re raising the boat registration fee by $5.60! Hopefully the LMPA or Carver County get grant money in 2020. Unfortunately the move to centralize AIS inspections for more lakes in Wright County was denied. 

From a recent Star Tribune Article

“To strengthen the DNR’s fight against zebra mussels, starry stonewort algae and other aquatic invasive species (AIS), the House and Senate raised the AIS boat licensing surcharge from $5 to $10.60.”

“Strommen said the funding boost will extend the DNR’s lakeside inspection program, reinstate local grants to AIS partners and fortify the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center. Also to the DNR’s liking, an attempt by certain legislators to expand a controversial AIS inspection program in Wright County failed.”

Here’s a link to the entire article.

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Lake Minnewashta’s July 4th Celebration

It’s time to get ready to celebrate America’ birthday on July 4th!!! 

4thof July Celebration – Calendar of Events
9:00 AMSki Show3421 Shore Drive
10:15 AMFace Painting6331 Greenbriar Ave
11:00 AM Land Parade, Foot
Races, Water
Balloon Toss, Ice
Cream, Hot Dogs,
Chips & Water
(Suggested Donation of $3),
Heights Park
7:00 PMBoat ParadeRegional Park
Fishing Pier
At DuskFireworks DisplayLake Minnewashta

We have something planned for everyone from 9AM to late at night. Start off the day on the shore,  watching  the talent laden ski show. Afterwards, the kids will love the face painting, the parade, the games, free prizes, and ice cream!!!  Plenty of good stuff for the adults too with all proceeds benefiting the LMPA. We’ll have grills going with hot dogs and brats with chips and water (for a suggested donation) for an easy lunch that’s an American July 4thtradition.

Then comes our amazing Annual Raffle to benefit the LMPA. We have too many prizes to list so find the complete  list on our Facebook page at  Lake Minnewashta Fourth of July Event.  You can buy as many $1 raffle tickets as you want and then drop tickets in the box for prizes you want a chance to win. Tickets are pulled right there so you get to take prize with you.

Afterwards, dress up your yacht or other watercraft and join us for the Boat Parade.

Finally, close out the day with the awesome fireworks that are fired off over the lake. Remember that you can also see displays from many surrounding communities as well as the often spectacular efforts put on by your neighbors on the shore.

July 4th2019. DON’T MISS IT!!

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