Be Considerate of Your Neighbors 

With all of the rain we continue to have, the water levels on Lake Minnewashta continue to be very high. While there are currently no restrictions on speed or wake on the lake, if the levels do not drop, a Slow No Wake restriction might be in place early next week. In the meantime, please be considerate of your neighbors and drive slowly and with caution. This is especially important in the channels where shoreline damage is likely.  If you must go fast or if you want to wake surf, please take to the center of the lake whenever possible. Remember that within 100 feet of shore, boating must ALWAYS be done at a slow no wake speed.

Also, please remember that sound travels further over water and that not everyone has the same taste in music. Please keep the volume on your stereo at a reasonable level, especially in the early morning and evening.

There are noise ordinances and boating regulations and sheriff patrols on the lake to enforce them. Count on them being out there today and tonight. Let’s all be good neighbors and enjoy the lake together. 

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