Next Board Meeting – Tuesday 9/14/10

The next LMPA board meeting is planned for Tuesday September 14th at 7:00 PM at the Gunther’s house. Please confirm your attendance. Our address is 3628 Hickory Lane, Chanhassen. Please park along Red Cedar Point if there is no room in our driveways. Thanks

The last meetings minutes are available online for reference. Please print and bring your own copies if you want to refer to them.

I sketched out a preliminary Agenda below. We have a lot to cover so each topic has to covered in brief. With a board of 12 people, we should be able to share ownership of things and not overload just a few people so please be prepared to take on your share of responsibility at this meeting and in the future. I’ve take the liberty to assign speakers for this first pass so please contact me individually if I’ve overreached my assumptions of ownership. Please be prepared to speak on your assigned topic and bring a hard copy of your summary to the meeting.

· Approval of last meeting’s minutes (All)

· Lake Stewardship report

o 2010 Lake treatment recap (Pete Plucinak)

o Recap of meeting with lake consultant Dick Osgood (Dave Peterjohn)

o Zebra Mussel update (Dave)

o 2011 strategy (we need an ongoing owner to drive)

· Finances

o Financial report (Steve Gunther/Jim Ross)

o Recap of Minnesota Waters fundraising seminar (Steve Aldritt)

o Minnesota Waters grant discussion (Scot Lacek)

o 2011 budget discussion (all)

· Membership growth

o Neighborhood captain organization status (Dave Peterjohn)

o Membership status (we need an ongoing owner to drive membership)

· Communication and Education

o Lake guidebook status and release plans (Steve Aldritt)

o Communication plan (we need an owner to drive this)

· Social Activities

o Fall LMPA picnic plans (Helen Gunther)

· Administrative Activities

o Updated bylaws proposal (we need an owner to drive this)

o 2010/2011 Calendar (Steve Gunther)

· New Business

· Date, time and place for next meeting

· Adjourn

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