Zebra Mussels Found in Lake Minnewashta at the Park Boat Launch/Access.

Eric Feldseth from the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District reported that Zebra mussels were found in the water at the Lake Minnewashta boat launch in the Park. More in-water assessments will be done Friday and a plan of attack developed. This might include treatment with copper sulfate. It was suggested that the boat launch be closed and the old launch be used instead. More to follow as information unfolds.

Please check your docks, lifts and boats for any signs of Zebra Mussels, especially those of you living close to the public boat launch. You are the key to early detection of new invasions. Alert us if you find a suspicious plant or animal. Here’s what to do:

1. Note the exact location you found it

2. Take up-close, detailed photos if possible

3. Identify basic characteristics (do you know what it is?)

4. Please complete the online reporting form and notify an MCWD AIS Specialist at AIS@minnehahacreek.org or 952-471-7873.

Click here for more info on Zebra Mussels

Additionally please report any suspicious findings to Steve Gunther at stgunther@gmail.com.

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