Removing or Moving Watercraft, Docks and Lifts? Read On!

This is the time of year that we must remove docks, lifts, swim rafts and other water related equipment. Make sure that any service provider you use has a permit from the MN DNR to deal with water related equipment. If you are doing the work yourself and find any unusual looking plant or mussel, contact your local MN DNR office or the LMPA at  Leave the specimen in place if possible. And if it is not possible to leave the specimen in place, then put it in a zip lock baggie, take note of where you found it, and call the closest MN DNR office for confirmation.

Also note that all water related equipment, by law, must be out of water on the shore for a full 21 days before it is moved, so make sure to comply if you are buying or selling a dock, swim raft, boat lift or other lake-related equipment.



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