Spring 2014 Membership and Donation Request

The LMPA Mission: 

To organize and focus the efforts of our residents to develop an ongoing, long-term community spirit, with planning and action to keep Lake Minnewashta beautiful and preserve its water quality.


Why join/renew my LMPA membership?

Being a member of the LMPA further demonstrates your commitment to helping keep Lake Minnewashta beautiful and its waters clean.  Importantly, your participation allows our organization to have a greater “voice” with key funding sources and decision makers such as the DNR, Carver County and other elected officials.  The LMPA is the ONLY association that represents all of Lake Minnewashta and its constituents!


How much does it cost to be a member?

We appreciate every resident is in a different situation, so we suggest the following annual membership dues/donations to support our efforts:

  • *$25 or more if you live off the lake and have no deeded access.
  • *$75 or more if you have access to the lake through an Association.
  • *$150 or more if you live on or have direct access to the lake.


What does my donation/membership fee go towards? 

The LMPA’s annual operating budget is $16,000, with nearly 95% of our expenses directed towards invasive weed treatment in the high, general common use areas (Individual homeowners can only treat the areas surrounding their dock/shoreline).  Importantly, only half of our weed treatment expense is covered through annual donations/membership dues, with the balance secured through grants – the latter becoming more and more difficult to receive with tight government budgets.


How large is the Association and how many people are donors?


We have about 425 homes residing in the boundaries of the LMPA. In 2013, we grew our donation base from 55 to 72 (+31%), but still only 17% of our potential targeted membership group make a donation. If we are going to develop an effective and sustainable membership organization, we need greater participation and support!


What benefits do I receive from being a member of the LMPA? 

Besides the personal satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to the only organization dedicated to keeping Lake Minnewashta one of the best bodies of water in the state, you will also receive:

  • Improved lake navigability when propeller clogging weeds are cleared in areas of the lake commonly used by residents.
  • The ability to provide your voice and your efforts to the Association toward what is important to you with regards to your life on and around the Lake!
  • Representation of your wants with our local government units.
  • An opportunity to extend your network of friends via the Annual Fall Picnic!
  • The continued ability to make tax-deductible contributions!
  • Free quarterly newsletters that highlight the LMPA efforts and other lake activities
  • Growing – Valuable discounts to local merchants (boat/lake equipment, etc.) and restaurants!


When and how do I join/renew my membership and make a donation?

With the water levels receding soon, we need to make a commitment to Lake Restoration, Inc. to treat our lake. We can treat up to 42 acres of the weed areas in the lake with $16,000. With your donations, we hope to have our treatment completed by the end of June.


Please send your tax deductible check along with the information below to: LMPA, PO Box 304, Excelsior, MN 55331, or contribute using Paypal at www.lakeminnewashta.org




Phone_____________________ Email address __________________________________




Amount enclosed for LMPA Dues & weed treatment $150 ___   $75 ____ $25 ___ or other $_____


I would like to serve on a committee or the board_________



The LMPA wishes to extend a sincere thank you to the following individuals, families and associations for their generous contribution in 2013!  If we are missing your name or 2013 donation, we apologize and ask that you please contact us!


Aldritt , Allenburg, Lee Anderson, Anding, Bangasser, Barinsky, Barrett, Berland, Bhojwani, Bjork, Blue, Boraas, Borchart, Boyer Lake HOA, Briggs, Camp Gunther, Cook, Datillo, Emmings, Geisler, Jim Ginther, Gunther, Hempel, Hergott, Holzinger, Jandro, Jeske, Pam and Terry Johnnson, Kapsner, Knoll, Kvamme, Lacek, Landstrom, Dave Larson, Leiding, Melin, Midwest Motorcraft, Moe, Morgan, Mulheran, Murphy, Nelson, Oas, Paap, Peterjohn, Gary Peterson, Pleasant Acres HOA, Plucinak, Quarberg, Razoo, Red Cedar Cove Townhomes, Ross, Scimeca, Senst, Severson, Sorenson, Sternard, Strommen, Tamlyn, Thompson, Torbanson, Train, Truong, Ttee, Vergin/Christopher, Vigiaturo, Volling, Way, Weber, Wedes, Weinzetl, Wintheiser, Wright, Zweig


Thank you all!!



Steve Gunther
Lake Minnewashta Preservation Association
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