Don’t forget! Metro Summit on Nov 6.

Clean Water Funding and Policy
Most of us have heard about the Legacy Fund amendment passed in 2008 that dedicates money from a sales tax  to, among other things, protect water resources in the state. Join us at the summit to hear from Steve Woods with the Board of Water and Soil Resources about how that money is accessed and used – including by citizens. We’ll also hear from a panel of folks who have worked to tap into those funds and the results they have seen – including on AIS initiatives.

After a networking dinner we’ll hear from John Tuma, a former Republican Legislator and currently a lobbyist at Conservation Minnesota, about the ins and outs of impacting water policy and what citizen groups should be thinking about in order to have an impact as well.


November 6, 2013
5-8 pm
Hopkins, MN
$10 registration
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