Early and Extensive Aquatic Invasive Weed Treatment Completed for 2012

Thanks to the persistent efforts of LMPA members Scot Lacek and Pete Plucinak, we treated 40 acres of lake area for invasive weeds on June 7th. This is the earliest and the most lake area we have ever treated. It came on the right year as our winter conditions allowed the weeds to grow early and thick. We are told that if we do this broad treatment for three years running we can make a significant reduction in lake wide invasive weeds. Your donations are more important than ever if we want to improve the character of the lake. Because of the DNR shutdown, we chose not to perform a weed treatment in 2011 so we carried over our donations to this year and that allowed for a large area treatment. Please donate generously to allow us to repeat this for 2013 and beyond.

The attached map shows our treatment area for this year in yellow.

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