LMPA Meeting Minutes – May 2012

May 22 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the May 22, 2012 LMPA Board Meeting.

Attendees: Judy Berland, Helen Gunther, Eileen Sternard, Steve Aldritt, Jim Ginther, Steve Gunther, Scot Lacek, Keith Paap

Approval of last meeting’s minutes (All)

  • No meeting minutes were presented.


Financial report (Steve Gunther)

  • The current balance of funds in our Beacon Bank Money Market account totals $16,539.65 as of 4/30/12.
  • We have been awarded grants from the DNR for two projects thanks to the efforts of Scot Lacek:
    • A Zebra Mussel Awareness campaign – Up to $7,424 for reimbursement of expenses incurred.
    • Invasive Aquatic Plant treatment – Up to $6,000 for reimbursement of expenses incurred for our 2012 AIS treatments.
    • While we have a good balance of funds in our account, we decided to do a much larger than normal treatment of invasive weeds this season. Therefore we agreed that an outreach for donations would be required to replenish our funds for 2013.

ACTION: Steve Gunther to work with Scot Lacek to include our newsletter and donation request in an electronic blast planned for early June as part of the Awareness Grant

ACTION: Scot Lacek to drive the mailing of our newsletter and donation request as part of the Awareness Grant.

Lake Stewardship report

Zebra Mussel Awareness Plan update (Scot Lacek)

  • Scot gave a verbal update to the status of our Awareness Plan.

ACTION: Two interns will be hired to take on the duties of the plan under the direction of Scot Lacek.

Weed treatment update (Pete Plucinak)

  • Pete was unable to attend the meeting but reported prior that our permit to treat is in process and should be completed by late May.
  • Approval for treatment of a  total of 40 acres was requested, the most ever
  • Weed treatment is to be scheduled with Lake Restoration for early June

ACTION: Pete Plucinak to drive issuance of permit and completion of weed treatment

Lake Management Plan update (Paul Quarberg and Pete Plucinak)

  • Former LMP leaders Paul Quarberg or Pete Plucinak were not in attendance.
  • Jim Ginther volunteered to take the lead on this project.

ACTION: Steve Gunther to ask Paul Quarberg and Pete Plucinak to coordinate the knowledge transfer to Jim

Coalition of Lake Associations update (Steve Gunther/Steve Aldritt)

  • A group has been assembled from to develop a West Metro Coalition of Lake Associations and one kickoff meeting held
  • Next session is planned for Tuesday June 19th.


Neighborhood captain organization status (TBD)

  • Judy Berland suggested that her husband Rick was willing to serve in the leadership role for Neighborhood Captains

ACTION: Steve Gunther to confirm with Rick and ask Dave Peterjohn to coordinate the knowledge transfer to him

Communication and Education

  • No new input

Social Activities

  • No new input

Administrative Activities

2012 Annual Meeting Recap (Steve Gunther)

  • Steve briefly recapped the results of the annual meeting.
  • We were disappointed in the small turnout at the meeting with only 12-15 non board members attending.
  • We were successful in raising over $800 in donations with the use of the Square credit card processing device provided by Helen Gunther.
  • A lot of very good dialogue occurred, revolving around the coming Aquatic Invasive Species threats and other similar topics.

ACTION: Presentations by Steve Gunther (LMPA president) and Heidi Wolf (DNR) will be posted on the LMPA website

 New Business

Election of Officers for 2012

  • The duties and responsibilities of the Officers of the board were reviewed and discussed.
  • No candidates stepped forward to serve in these positions so the election of officers was deferred until the May 2012 board meeting.

ACTION:  Attendees were urged to reach out to potential board and officer candidates and invite them to the next board meeting.

Date, time and place for next meeting

  • Tuesday or Wednesday June 19th or 20th was proposed


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