Minnesota legislators doubled what boat owners must pay to help protect state waters against invasive species

Looks like the State will be getting more money to spend on AIS efforts. They’re raising the boat registration fee by $5.60! Hopefully the LMPA or Carver County get grant money in 2020. Unfortunately the move to centralize AIS inspections for more lakes in Wright County was denied. 

From a recent Star Tribune Article

“To strengthen the DNR’s fight against zebra mussels, starry stonewort algae and other aquatic invasive species (AIS), the House and Senate raised the AIS boat licensing surcharge from $5 to $10.60.”

“Strommen said the funding boost will extend the DNR’s lakeside inspection program, reinstate local grants to AIS partners and fortify the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center. Also to the DNR’s liking, an attempt by certain legislators to expand a controversial AIS inspection program in Wright County failed.”

Here’s a link to the entire article.

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