Zebra Mussel DNA Confirmed in Lake Minnewashta

On June 28th, 2018, a lone adult zebra mussel was found at the Pleasant Acres Homeowners Association launch area. It was in about 4 feet of water, inside the HOA’s dock system, within 100 feet of shore. No other mussels were found after a broader lake search was completed. Follow this link for more information: Click Here

Water samples were taken at the Pleasant Acres Launch, the public access launch and at the end of Red Cedar Point. Testing was performed and the public access sample was clean. Unfortunately, zebra mussel DNA was detected on samples taken from Pleasant Acres and Red Cedar Point. Further sampling was done to look for veligers (zebra mussel babies) and one was found. This indicates the likely presence of reproducing mussels somewhere in the main body of the lake.

At this point there is no action we can take until we find the colony of reproducing zebra mussels in the lake. We will ask that lakeshore property owners help by checking for zebra mussels on their docks & water related equipment, and along their shorelines, especially near Pleasant Acres and Red Cedar Point. Turning over rocks and looking on other hard surfaces is important. Use a mask/snorkel or SCUBA equipment, if you have it, to look broadly. Anything suspicious should be photographed and that image sent to Drew Dickhart, Carver County Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator at adickhart@co.carver.mn.us for verification. Please refer to this link for more information and pictures: Click here

We will give a further update as we get more information.

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