About the LMPA

Welcome to the Lake Minnewashta Preservation Association.

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About the LMPA

We want:
A cohesive group that is representative of the whole lake community.
Our Mission: To organize and focus the efforts of our residents to develop an ongoing, long term community spirit, with planning and action to keep Lake Minnewashta beautiful and to preserve its water quality.
Objectives: Lake Stewardship

  • A commitment to the entire lake ecosystem,
  • Including water quality monitoring and aquatic invasive species control,
  • Using the best practices developed by the experts


  • Among residents, associations from other lakes, nonprofit and government entities,
  • Website to allow easy access to important information of common interest,
  • Newsletter and emails to inform and educate

Social connections within the community

  • Including events like boat parades, clean up days, garage sales, fireworks, etc.
  • National night out events


  • For residents and surrounding neighbors within the watershed
  • Including lake quality preservation, best practices, lawn maintenance, safety, etc
  • Including uncovering and maintaining the history of and on the lake

Legislative contacts

  • Representing our interests to our government representatives at all levels
  • Leveraging our association with that from other lakes.

Securing Financial Resources

  • From residents, watershed neighbors, lake users, the city, county, state and federal agencies,
  • To be used in a fashion where the benefits outweigh the costs.


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